Offshore Outsourcing







For nanobiotechnology systems, products and devices, we offer the best answer for a contract based development or manufacturing on demand. From micro to nanoelectronics, spintronic devices and downunder, our company can provide the solution you are looking for.

We work on project research and development on a 12 months contract basis, with extended time on customer request.

For further information, contact our offshore team to know more about contract conditions, services and products : outsourcing@canbiotechnems.com .








Job Opportunities






We value the human factor as the key and most important asset for our corporation to achieve a continuously and long term strong development. If you believe in teamwork, innovation, strong technical knowledge for advanced solution, you may see yourself joining our team of experts.

Send us your CV, and we can consider you for new opening positions, as we may need new staff for contract based and long term development of services and products: career@canbiotechnems.com .






Center for Automation in Nanobiotech (CAN)

Computational Nanomechatronics Lab