NCD - Nanorobot Control Design Software







NCD is an advanced nanomechatronics simulator which serves as a testbed for nanodevice 3D visualization in real time. The software provides a computer aided design approach for biomedical instrumention within an stochastic environment. The system simulates inside body main parameters, nanorobot engines, and help the user to have an interactive way for analysis and modeling towards nanotechnology manufacturing prototyping.

Version 6.1 What the software includes?

Advanced 3D Visualization

Real Time Stochastic Simulation

Walk-through Control

Interactive Tools

- Freeze Simulation

- Select what to see

What is new on version 6.1

- Support for multi-platform

- Inhenced user interface capabilities

One Year License - For professional price: 3000US$. For student price: 1000US$.

Optional - One Year Premium Support: 300US$ Professional; 100US$ Student.

What Premium support includes: continuous updates, premium technical assistance, tutorials, and premium software upgrades.

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Nanobiotech - Development and Commercialization Consulting






We provide strategic consulting in nanobiotech products, market demand analysis, manufacturing, research and development. Our experience and expertise in the field pointed our company as leading partner for advanced and strategic technology on subject such as nanobioelectronics, medical nanodevices, low power ICs design, proteomics analysis, and applied new materials.

We work on project research and development on a 12 months contract basis, with extended time on customer request. The start price for a consulting in the field can vary according to the type of project and estimated materials required for the development, manufacturing or commercialization.

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Center for Automation in Nanobiotech (CAN)

Computational Nanomechatronics Lab